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SMARTLIPO - the smart way to loose fat

Recently we had an old patient of mine, SL, a beautiful young model who has landed an acting job which required her to expose her arms and legs. So she wanted them sculpted to slimmer limbs but did not want to undergo any surgery. She wanted something effective and yet not invasive, with little downtime as she still had modeling shoots to go to, and does not require too many visits.
I proposed to her Laserlipolisis using my favorite technology of all time - the Smartlipo Laserlipolisis.

The Smartlipo laser is from Deka, a prominent laser company based in Florence, Italy. It uses the 1064nm wavelength which is sensitive to water and fat. By using this laser to melt the unwanted fat, turning it into oily discharge instead, making it easy to extract if desired through small incisions on the skin.

This is the journey :
The Patient
SL is a young lady who is of normal weight with some areas of stubborn fat. She works as a model and actress and exposes these areas during work so the procedure cannot leave any obvious marks on her skin. She also needed to recover fast as a new assignment had come up and she needed to start work soon after.
She came in the morning for her procedure. Her desire was to make upper arms slimmer and her thighs smaller. After signing her consent forms and indicating the areas she wanted to treat, she changed into our OT robe. I proceeded to take pictures for the "Before"of these areas for our records.

SL with me just before we started

The Procedure.
Local tumescent anesthesia (local anesthetic mix with physiological solution ) is infused into the area to be treated. WHile waiting for the local to work, which takes 15-20min, I prepared the laser equipment.

Preparing the laser fibre optic: The laser fibretic is a long flexible and thin "wirelike" instrument that is only 2mm diameter. Half of it is wrapped in a heat proof rubberlike casing. This end is attached to the laser machine while the other end where the fibre optic is exposed, is inserted into a canula with just 2mm of the tip exposed. Here I am making sure the fibre optic transmits good, sharp laser beam.

I then inserted the laser fibreoptic via the canula through a small "stabwound" incision on the skin into the area to be treated and where the local anesthesia has been given. Once the position is correct, lasering of fat below skin starts. A red beam is seen through the skin and this indicates where the laser optic fibre tip. A popping "popcorn" like sound is also heard indicating the breaking or melting of the fat cell membranes. This picture shows the lasertip is right in the middle of the subcutaneous fat.

The melted fat becomes oil and when the area is pressed,  oily secretion is expressed out from the incision points.

The bulk of the melted fat is then extracted via syringes. Lasered fat is yellow like melted butter

The collection of lasered fat or "Lysate" from the upper arms, inner thighs and saddle bags.

Because all is done under local anesthesia with just a little bit of oral sedation, SL is able to go home immediately after, and return to work the very next day. She is recommended to wear a firm compression garment for at least 2 weeks. After 3 days, she undergoes a radio frequency treatment (RF) to help with drainage, and healing. After 2 weeks, she will continue with mechanostimulation by Endermologie sessions to help with skin tightening and to farther enhance the sculpting of the area.

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  1. Hi. I interested to do my upper arm. Can i have the address and the the telephone number?

    1. Yes, of course.Please call 03-79601788 (PJ) or 03-24182828 (KL) for full address

  2. Hi. I interested to do my upper arm. Can i have the address and the the telephone number? Or please call me at 0142649029

    1. Hi anonymous. Yes you can have Smartlipo done for your arms. Please call En-hanze Aestehtic Centre at 1300-88-1788 for any appointment. I am mainly located in Phileo Damansara 1 PJ. You can also see me at En-hanze Clinic@ Global Drs Medical Centre, Mont Kiara.

  3. Smartlipo laserlipolisis is great for the upper arms area , inner thighs and especially outer thighs area. Please contact En-hanze Aesthetic Centre at 1300-88-1788 to see me or my Associates. Or visit our webpage We are located in Phileo Damansara 1 in PJ and Mont Kiara, KL.


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